Stock the Shelves


The annual “Stock the Shelves” campaign, which runs Oct. 1-31, has a new goal this year: enough donations to supply one million meals! 

The campaign, coordinated by Gannett Corp. and Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, is so much more than collecting food. It will help people -- single or with families - by being the fuel that stokes the fire within! When people are out of work or unable to provide for their family, it impacts their self-esteem and makes getting back on their feet more difficult. It gives those people assistance to stand up again and regain control of their lives. 

Badger Globe Credit Union will have a grocery cart in our lobby to accept your generous donations. We also encourage monetary donations. If you deposit money, you have the option of having your name in the newspaper. Just fill out a donation receipt. Donor names will be printed in the Thanksgiving editions of Gannett in our area. 

If you prefer to donate nonperishable foods, consider these items:

  • canned fish like salmon and tuna

  • canned meats like chicken

  • whole grains, such as quinoa

  • rice (brown, wild)

  • steel-cut or rolled oats

  • whole grain dry cereals

  • whole grain pastas

  • fruits in natural juice - no sugar

  • canned fruit packed in water

  • canned or boxed low-sodium soups and stews