Savings Accounts

Badger Globe Credit Union is the perfect place to save.  Watch your savings soar with regular deposits into your federally insured BGCU accounts.  Direct deposit makes saving effortless and very rewarding. Choose from these BGCU accounts to put together a savings plan tailored to your needs.  Contact a Member Service Representative who would be happy to help.

Regular Share Savings

This account establishes your membership in the credit union.  You can open it for as little as $5.  You’ll earn dividends each day your balance is just $100 or more.  Dividends are compounded quarterly.  For your peace of mind, this and all your BGCU savings accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.

Children’s Share Savings

To encourage those under 18 to start the savings habit, this special account is the same as the regular share savings, except it pays dividends with a balance of just $5 or more!

Special Savings

This account makes it easy to save for something special.  It’s a separate savings account that pays you the same dividend as your regular share savings account and allows you to watch your money grow for your specific goals.  You can name it “computer,” “taxes,” “vacation,”  “down payment” or anything else that is important to you, and you can open as many of these special accounts under one account number!  For your convenience, this account will show up on your regular BGCU statement.

Christmas Club

Here’s a holiday savings plan with higher dividends to earn you more money. Deposit as much or as little as you’d like as often as you’d like to help make your holidays a little easier.  Want more flexibility?  You choose your payout date - either a type 91 account which pays out on October 1st, or a type 92 account that pays out November 1st, whichever works best for your holiday shopping. We will conveniently deposit the funds at maturity to the pre-selected account of your choice. With the higher interest, why not consider using this account for other things as well. Some suggestions would be: taxes, that special vacation you've been dreaming about, or anything else you decide. To make it even more convenient, have it payroll deducted.

Vacation Club

Start saving for your next trip or your next family outing!  This club earns a higher dividend than a regular savings, a smart way to save.  The type 93 vacation account pays out on March 1st and the type 96 vacation account that pays out on June 1st. This account type, like the Christmas Club, is limited only by your imagination. Use it for anything you like.