Current Loan Rates


We post our rates as a convenience to our members in making financial decisions.  We encourage you to use our Calculators to help you weigh your options. Please realize rates are subject to change. For more information and current rates, call (920) 722-2122.

Rates current as of 01/09/2019

Vehicle Rates
Platinum Rates - 2013 or Newer APR** (as low as)
Up to 60 months 3.74%
Up to 72 months (limited to 2016 & newer) 4.49%
Up to 84 months (limited to 2016 & newer) 4.99%
2012 - 2010 models add 1.50%
2009 & older models add 3.00%
Variable Rate Mortgages
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Term APR** (as low as)
1st Mortgage (to 87.5% LTV) 3 year ARM 3.74%
1st Mortgage (to 87.5% LTV) 5 year ARM 4.24%
Home Equity Options
Home Equity Loan 2nd Mortgage APR** (as low as)
5 year balloon (Up to 80% LTV) 4.49%
Home Equity Line of Credit APR** (as low as)
Variable rate - (Changes quarterly to Prime Rate)
Up to 80% LTV, Rate based on credit score.
Currently 5.50%
Max rate 17.5%
Unsecured Loans APR** (as low as)
 All 10.49%
Other Loan Types
Type Term APR** (as low as)
Mobile Homes 36 Month Balloon with 40% down 11.40%
Share Secured 36 Months 3.75%
Certificate Secured Single Payment Note due at Certificate Maturity 2% over certificate rate
Kwik - Cash Line of Credit Variable rate, currently at 13.90%

**APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your actual rate may be different based on your credit score, down payment and checking account relationship.

***Credit union may match rates for Platinum and A grade loans subject to rate verification and credit underwriting.

****Applicants without share draft accounts will pay .25% over posted rates (excluding ARM's, Home Equity & Kwik Cash lines).