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Credit Union Membership Is Worth Hundreds

Did you know you're saving money--maybe hundreds of dollars a year--just by being a Badger Globe Credit Union member? Credit unions typically charge fewer and lower fees than other financial institutions, according to the Credit Union National Association's (CUNA) latest membership benefits report.

Of course, the amount you save has a lot to do with your financial habits and the number of Badger Globe Credit Union products and services you use. On average, credit union member households in the U.S. save about $121 a year.

Some of those savings comes from higher rates on savings products. For example, according to CUNA's latest report, money market accounts at credit unions earned an average interest rate of .21%, while the same accounts at banks earned .13% interest.

Members with ATM cards and credit cards experience even more savings. Credit union fees remain lower than of those other financial institutions. The most common surcharge fee for credit union members is no charge or $2, while the average ATM fee among all financial institutions as of 2012 is up to $2.10 per transaction, according to a study conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. And a credit card late fee at credit unions is on average $10 less than the fee banks charge. The amounts may sound small, but they can add up throughout the year.

Credit unions offer better value because they are non-for-profit institutions owned and controlled by their members. Banks are owned by stockholders who want solid returns on their investments.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a safe place to save and borrow, without getting nickel and dimed, credit unions are the best deal--bar none.

So visit Badger Globe Credit Union today and see how much more you can save by using our services.