What is Badger Globe’s routing number?

Badger Globe Credit Union’s routing number is: 275980751.

Am I eligible to be a member at BGCU?

Badger Globe Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that exclusively serves Kimberly-Clark employees and their families. To be eligible for membership at Badger Globe, you must either be a current employee or retiree of Kimberly-Clark Corporation, or a family member of a K-C employee or retiree. Children, parents, brothers and sisters, and grandchildren of K-C employees and retirees are also eligible for membership. Contact a Member Service Representative for more information or to apply for membership.

What are the daily limits on my BGCU debit card? How can I increase my limit?

For security reasons, Badger Globe Credit Union places daily limits on debit card transactions.

The daily limits (within a 24 hour period) are:

  • Cash withdrawals done at an ATM: 3 transactions or $200 limit
  • Purchases made as “credit”: 10 transactions or $1000 limit
  • Purchases made as “debit” (using your PIN #): 5 transactions or $300 limit

If you would like to have your daily limit increased, please contact a Member Service Representative who would be happy to help.

When does my club account pay out?

Club account payout dates are:

Christmas Club Accounts

91 Christmas Club- pays out on October 1st
92 Christmas Club- pays out on November 1st

Vacation Club Accounts

93 Vacation Club- pays out on March 1st
96 Vacation Club- pays out on June 1st

All club account funds are deposited into your designated savings account annually on their payout dates. We no longer pay out any club accounts via check. Learn more about the benefits of opening a club account here.


Can I view my Badger Globe MasterCard® balance online?

See recent transactions, find out your available credit, view your statement, or make an online payment to your Badger Globe Credit Union Classic MasterCard® here.